Takum, Nigeria March 2010
Good News Singapore April 2009
Mubi, Nigeria February 2009
Nsukka, Nigeria October 2008
Kafanchan, Nigeria August 2008
Hong Kong, China June 2008
Kochi, India April 2008
Yola Nigeria March 2008
Abakaliki, Nigeria December 2007
Agbor, Nigeria October 2007
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CfaN Crusades

Africa is Being Saved!

For over 30 years, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has been conducting crusades in the continent of Africa. Here, you can read detailed accounts of each CfaN crusade! You will see people coming to Christ by the masses! You can experience first-hand reports and testimonies from Evangelist Bonnke and Christ for all Nations Crusade Team! Finally, you can witness what the Lord is doing around the world and be encouraged to believe Him for the miracle you need in your life, today!


Takum, Nigeria
Takum, Nigeria
17 May 2010

In Takum, Daniel Kolenda made this observation: “Today has been a Holy Spirit day from morning to night…The people came out by the thousands to receive an impartation of Holy Spirit Fire.

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Good News Singapore
Good News Singapore
10 April 2009

Good News Singapore Report

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Mubi, Nigeria
Mubi, Nigeria
11 February 2009

One should call it THE MIRACLE of MUBI because it is beyond description. The largest single meeting had an attendance of 630,000 people, and that in Northern Nigeria! The Holy Spirit brought us to the place and He made us seek the lost, look for the overlooked, and as we found them, they in turn were found by Jesus. The total attendance over the five days of Gospel Crusade meetings was an astounding 2.4 million people.

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Nsukka, Nigeria
Nsukka, Nigeria
21 October 2008

The whole community for miles around was shaken by the happenings at the crusade, and by the end of the week numerous stories were flooding in of miracles taking place in and around the town after each meeting.

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Miracles in Kafanchan
Miracles in Kafanchan
09 September 2008

During the week of Christ for all Nations’ August crusade, Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, and the CfaN team arrived to an amazing and tumultuous welcome from the local inhabitants. The thousands of excited and cheering people that lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the visitors signaled the start of what was to be an amazing week.

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